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UU Uniqlo Undercover Brings Urban-Friendly Outerwear, Giant Bugs to Uniqlo for Fall

UU Uniqlo Undercover fall 2012 campaign.
UU Uniqlo Undercover fall 2012 campaign.

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Is that a giant bumblebee playing the cello? Yes. Yes it is.

The final installment of Jun Takahashi's UU Uniqlo Undercover capsule is on its way, and in addition to a fall collection that promises to rework Uniqlo's Heat-Tech and Ultra Light Down outerwear and revamp the N-3B arctic military coat, you can expect bugs—giant ones that play string instruments. The collection arrives in all US Uniqlos on August 31, but the ads in all their surreal glory, are here now. See the full campaign after the jump, or see all the men's, women's, and children's pieces (sans bugs) on the retailer's Pinterest page.

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