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'Saved By The Bell' Nail Polish Totally Exists

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Three of the biggest trends of the moment—nail art, collaborations, and a rediscovered love for all things '90s—have collided in this perfect storm of amazingness: Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Saved by the Bell nail polish collection.

Made by beloved beauty brand of the '90s Wet 'n' Wild (who else?), SheFinds reports the shades are named for the cast: Fashionista Lisa (purple), Pin ‘Em Slater (yellow), Nerd Alert: Screech (green), Chick Magnet Zack (Blue), Straight A Jesse (orange), and Pom Pom Kelly (pink). Best of all, bottles are a mere $0.99 each and can be found at your local CVS. Click through to see the collection in all it's neon glory.

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