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10 Killer Shark Week Manicures, Courtesy of Pinterest

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Have you heard? It's Shark Week! So if you're planning to have friends over to watch Jaws and drink blue cocktails, why not accessorize for the occasion? Pinterest users have posted some awesome and envy-inspiring sharky manicures, which we have rounded up here for your viewing pleasure. Happy Shark Week!

Via Live Fast Mag

This one shows that sharks can be naughty or nice.

Via Sophia Grosso

This is basically perfect if you bite your nails or have lots of breakage.

Via Polished Diaries

If you're more "Shark Day" than "Shark Week."

Via Leslie Parker

Here's the shark ... and here are the remains of his departed enemies.

Via Karla Leon

You can look at these every time you get freaked out by a glimpse of a great white.

Via Kaitie Knight

This manicure will look even cooler in the shower.

Via Morgan Helf

The sharpened tips only make this manicure more badass.

Via Laura Nantz

If you prefer to think of sharks as just another cuddly marine animal, this is the mani for you.

Via Dezzy Games

Blood in the water... and on your hands.

Via Catalina Linero

Or, celebrate Shark Week haute couture style.

Bonus sharkicure alert! Our friends at Bergdorf's just tweeted this awesome mani inspired by Givenchy. How do you say "shark" in French?

You wouldn't want to see those in the waves behind you.
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