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Natural Beauty Line Yes to Carrots Expands Into Haircare, Broader Variety of Fruits and Vegetables

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Yes to Carrots, the Israel-founded natural beauty company, has already made a splash with products like their Yes to Cucumbers face wipes. But they're branching out into the haircare market, as founder Ido Leffler felt that there weren't any truly awesome natural hair products out there.

The company already had a Yes to Carrots leave-in conditioner, but this new line addresses everything from root repair to the usually-neglected scalp care (having a bald founder has its upsides). The line includes three shampoo and conditioner sets (Yes to Carrots for scalp care, Yes to Cucumbers for color protection, and Yes to Blueberries for repair), plus an update deep conditioner and a lightweight anti-frizz balm.

They've teamed up with Gretta Monahan, a stylist and salon owner who does makeovers on The Rachael Ray Show, to launch the line, and Monahan uses the products on herself as well as on her makeover subjects. And don't worry: Your hair won't actually smell like salad.
· Yes to Carrots [Official Site]