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Calling All Hunger Games Superfans: Target Has a $999 Mockingjay Pin With Your Name on It

$999 worth of proof that you are, indeed, a fan of the Hunger Games, via Target
$999 worth of proof that you are, indeed, a fan of the Hunger Games, via Target

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It takes some deep pockets to be a hard-core Hunger Games fan these days. How deep? We're talking $999 for a pin at Target. But not just any pin. The same Mockingjay pin that bedecked Halloween costumes everywhere last year, except this one is 14-karat gold instead of, like, tin foil or whatever.

That pin, along with autographed lithographs ($699), leather replicas of Katniss' hunting jacket ($349), backpacks, lunch boxes, jewelry, pillow cases, and life-size cardboard cut-outs of movie characters Katniss, Peeta, and Gale make up the The Hunger Games collectibles that will be available at Target on or around August 20, just in time for the DVD release. The company explains, "Target is known for providing must-have merchandise at an unbeatable value, but we wanted to surprise our guests by taking it up a notch for The Hunger Games and unveiling a prestige collection for devoted fans."

If you don't have the means and ability to geek out quite that hard, we recommend saving up for some quality Frye boots, braiding your hair a la Katniss, and continuing on your merry pin-less way.
Katniss Everdeen Wears Frye Boots, And So Can You
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