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Well, Whaddya Know: Solange Knowles Is the New Face of Madewell

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Ever since Alexa Chung disappeared from the pages of the Madewell catalog several seasons ago, there's been a hole in the quirky-cool-girl portion of our hearts. Happily, The Cut reports that Solange Knowles—Brooklyn dweller, record spinner, peplum wearer—will be filling Chung's shoes suede booties as the celebrity face of the brand this fall.

Madewell, a newly inducted Racked 38 member, stated in March that they are expanding the brand with 15 new stores this year, and hoping to reach new markets in California, Atlanta, Denver, and the Midwest, where they want to "gauge interest in that part of the country." Considering the Knowles family's proven ability to dominate, well, the entire span of pop culture, Solange seems like a good choice for spokesmodel. See her make pairing prints and quirky hats look cool in the video above.
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