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Afternoon Shoe Porn: Nicholas Kirkwood Delivers Another In-Your-Face Spring Collection

The fan wedge, by Nicholas Kirkwood
The fan wedge, by Nicholas Kirkwood

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First thoughts when looking at Nicholas Kirkwood's Spring selection tend to run along the lines of "OH MY SWEET SHOE GODS" and "OH MY EFFING GOD SHOES." Pretty much anything involving some combination of a deity, the word "shoes," and maybe an explicative that can be shouted at unreasonable volumes in our brain works for this collection. Why? Because the fire and water motifs and saturated colors are just so in-your-face bright and ballsy—not unheard of descriptors for this footwear kingpin. Check out the sling-backs, fan wedges, and lace-ups in all their glory—currently available for pre-shopping at moda operandi—after the jump.

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