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Emerson Spring 13 Was Inspired by Horror Flicks

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

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Emerson designer Jackie Fraser-Swan was inspired by "1970s horror films and modern day horror films such as Carrie ... The Amityville Horror ... as well as films written/directed by Rob Zombie ..." Well, that's... different.

For better or worse, the terror didn't come through at all during the show, what with the awesome upbeat music, the models rocking ethereal maiden braids, and cutesy Kork-Ease shoes. Maybe it still makes make sense, though: The collection was made up of flowing red dresses (just like Carrie White covered in blood at the prom) tank tops, and jersey dresses (like Baby and the other Firefly women in The Devil's Rejects, perhaps?). In line with Fraser-Swan's signature contrasting style, it was all beautiful with a darkness; just like pretty much all conventional horror movies. Well played, Emerson.

Photos via Getty Images
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