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Caboodle Turns 25! Why Not Celebrate With This Re-Issued Vintage Style From 1987?

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Don't you feel old: The Caboodle turns 25 this year, which means it's been organizing everything from our scrunchies, Bon Bon nail polish, Wet 'n' Wild lipsticks, and the grown-up beauty products we've come to replace all that with for a quarter century now.

To celebrate, the brand has released a limited-edition vintage 1987 Caboodle called My First Love that costs $25, which you can only order through their Facebook page or the Customer Care phone number. In case you'd like to know more about the birth of the Caboodle, here it is, straight from a press release:

It all started innocently in 1986 when People magazine ran a picture of Vanna White using a plastic tackle box to store her make-up. The idea was planted and shortly thereafter the Caboodles brand was launched with its first Caboodle, simultaneously creating the "cosmetic organization" product category.

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