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3.1 Phillip Lim Takes Spring Trends to a Heady Level

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Image via Getty

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3.1 Phillip Lim's collection might be described as one part woodland, one part Pollack, two parts grunge throwback, and all parts what a girl with a sharp sense of humor and a bit of 'tude wants to wear. Show notes trace all the possible references back to the Dadaist literary technique "cut-up," where a line of text is interrupted by choosing a random few words and putting them back together in an equally random order. The result is arbitrariness, disorder, and, if you're lucky, something cohesively new. Too heady for a Tuesday? One peek at the runway and you'll find that for a collection who's inspiration was non-linearity, it makes a lot of sense.

Several stalwart trends for the season made their due appearance: unapologetically bare midriffs, plaids, print-mixing, coveralls, leather for warm weather, and sheer, sheer, sheer fabrics. Also a few iterations of an "I (upside-down-heart) Nueva York" motif have us thinking t-shirts for Spring? Yes. Yes please.

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