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Derek Lam Would Like You to Consider Fall for Spring 2013

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

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Burgundy, rust, mustard yellows, forest green, and leather? Plaid, tweeds, pantsuits, and three-quarter length sweatshirt-sweaters? Derek Lam's color palette, material choice, and cuts might have us scratching our heads and wondering "What season are we in again?" but his choices both serve up a fresh look at Spring and create a sort of season-less approach to seasonal wear. We know. Mindblowing.

All the on-trend macrame, sheer geometric designs, and drop-waist dresses—plus the shots of pinks, purples, and cobalt—will help win over the hesitant (or at the very least, they'll make great transition pieces because what do you wear in February anyway?) So while we rarely hear the words "Leather cropped bodice vest for the Memorial Day BBQ? Why, that makes all the sense!" or "Metallic gold macrame skirt? To the office picnic!" by the last look we were converts of the fall-for-spring concept.
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