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Tory Burch's American Girl Has a Well-Stamped Passport

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

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Tory Burch's Spring 13 clothes were inspired by American girls, for Americans girls—because American girls from coast to coast love her clothes. Makes sense.

The line fell decidedly in the middle of those two coasts, with a tribute to farm life and prairie livin' in the form of actual wheat and corn husk prints, along with a color palette largely based on those foodstuffs. Skirts and frocks hit below the knee or longer and were paired with preppy collared tops and boxy jackets. A perfect outfit for a picnic. Or the county fair. Or [insert wholesome American activity here].

But this is no close-minded prep! Burch shops globally with an eye to various cultural markets and isn't afraid of a little loose fringe on a hemline. Colorful ethnic prints and stitching were sent down the runway on bags (including a jet-setting appropriate carry on bag), necklaces, and the clothes themselves all to the tune of King of the Bongo. It doesn't get more easy-going than that. Unless we want to talk about the hair and we do because it was a show highlight. Big ass, messily done up fishtail braids made us want to run home and rethink our hair philosophy (if we had a hair philosophy which we totally don't). The whole show would have made Laura Ingalls Wilder proud. Check it out after the jump.

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