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Psy's Gangnam Style: A Brief Sartorial Analysis

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Psy, mid air-pony
Psy, mid air-pony

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If you have not yet seen Korean rapper Psy's viral "Gangnam Style" music video, please skip the rest of this post and head straight after the jump immediately to watch it (you'll thank us later). For the rest of you, you we direct your attention to today's "Man of the Week" style analysis on WWD, which is dedicated to everyone's favorite air-pony rider.

Sadly, Psy scores a lowly C+ in the publication's estimation, earning points off for the following:

· Excessive use of gel, which, according to WWD, makes him look like "a Korean doll with painted-on hair." (They suggest bangs.)

· His "Buddah belly," which is "only enhanced by the ill-fitting suit and the shininess of the silk."

· Committing the mortal fashion sin of buttoning the lower button on a suit jacket.

· Committing the other mortal fashion sin of having his suit jacket extend past his sleeve. As WWD puts it, "In order to work with his body proportions, a very well-fitted sleeve with a bit of cuff showing is absolutely necessary."

On a positive note, WWD did give Psy props for his "trendy" vintage-inspired sunglasses, his studded bowtie, and his straight leg pants.

An added bonus: Every fraternity brother in the country now has a go-to Halloween costume.

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