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19 Instagram Shots From the Emmys, Courtesy of Celebrities; Greenwich Jewelers Owners Explain How They Modernize the Family Business Post-9/11

Sofia Vergara: "Done with the room service. Now I'm ready!! #emmys"
Sofia Vergara: "Done with the room service. Now I'm ready!! #emmys"

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Here's what happened today in Racked cities around the country:

LOS ANGELES—Check out all the best shots from the Emmys including the bathroom line, Zooey Deschanel getting her makeup done, and everything Sofia Vergara did.

NEW YORK—Read how sisters and Greenwich Jewelers store owners "were groomed not to take over" after 9/11, then did, then re-imagined it and revitalized it.

CHICAGO—It's time to vote in a good ol' woman vs. man smackdown (like, figuratively): Who is the shopper in the family, dude or lady?