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Joan Rivers Makes Sense of Fashion Week So You Don't Have To

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THE Fashion Police via Getty

Fashion Week's blitzkrieg on New York might be a faint, exhausting memory by now, but it's still slashing and burning its way through Europe, leaving many flummoxed, befuddled, and wondering what just happened here. So props to Buzzfeed Shift for asking one of fashion's most quotable wranglers to make sense of it all. Joan Rivers of Fashion Police explains:
Trying to make sense of New York Fashion Week is like trying to make sense of a party at Charlie Sheen's house: tons of beautiful women, lasts for days, and it's a miracle that no one died.
Also, for the record, Rivers prefers NYFW because she no longer "has a sense of smell AND because running for your life is great cardio." What with all the anaerobic partying, no wonder some designers get a little testy.

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