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Marc Jacobs Watches Downton Abbey Just Like Regular Folks and Other Stuff We Learned From Lady Mary's Emmys Dress

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Michelle Dockery wearing Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs, via Getty
Michelle Dockery wearing Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs, via Getty

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Continue to fill the Downton Abbey void (which is a mere two weeks away for UK viewers, months for the US—damn you, tardy American broadcasting syndicates!) by ogling the custom Marc Jacobs-designed Louis Vuitton dress Lady Mary, aka Michelle Dockery, wore to the Emmys. The designer offered the obligatory praise—which seemed totally believable because, well, Downton Abbey—telling Grazia, "I always look forward to the Lady Mary moments on Downton Abbey—and for Michelle Dockery's appearance in this gorgeous gown. She looked flawless!" Dockery, for one, had more specific praise: "The pockets make me feel so cool." Take note DA costumer and find out when it would be historically accurate to include pockets in the Lady's gowns.

For a bonus ogling round, check out the sketches of the gown that Marc Jacobs released here.
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