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So, What Was the Best Beauty Collab of 2012?

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Believe it or not, fashion actually doesn't have the lock on collaboration capsules: the beauty industry has their fair share as well. And since beauty collabs aren't forced to compromise quality for price (unlike their high-low cousins on the apparel side), many of this year's efforts ended up on our list of favorite beauty products of the year.

MAC, who has collaborated with everyone from Carine Roitfeld to Archie comics, tapped the inimitable Beth Ditto this year for a collection that was as fun as it was theatrical.

In the nail polish world, Deborah Lippmann created a duo of Snow White and the Huntsman-themed polishes that were refreshingly on trend and wearable.

Karl Lagerfeld had one of the more surprisingly adorable moment of the year with his Mon Shu makeup capsule with Shu Umera.

In a marriage made in Crayola heaven, Pantone and Sephora whipped themselves up a tangerine tango that included everything from nail polish to false eyelashes.

And though not a sanctioned collaboration, Bobbi Brown's "Fifty Shade of Grey" eye-makeup collection gets a nod because someone had to strike while the iron was hot and Brown got in there first.

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