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The Sartorialist Is a lot Like Victoria Beckham, According to Garance Dore

Scott "Smiley" Schuman, via Getty
Scott "Smiley" Schuman, via Getty

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Today we learned 12 things about The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman from the one who knows him best, girlfriend and fellow blogging prodigy Garance Dore. Fortunately, we still have no idea what he wears to bed or any other TMI tidbits she could have shared. But we do know why Schuman always looks like such a grump. First, it's because he's Victoria Beckham's male counterpart:

[Scott is] super funny and totally self-deprecating in real life (it's the ONE thing that I'm most drawn to in others), but he never smiles in photos.

The reason? He can't fake smile. So if a photographer asks him to smile in a photo, he asks the photographer to tell him something funny. And that works about? zero percent of the time.

Also, he refuses to wear his glasses:
I always crack up when I run into him on the street (yes, it happens often enough because he's always walking around) because he always seems so upset with his furrowed brow.

The truth? He can't see very well. And his glasses mess him up when he's taking photos so he doesn't wear them. So he's always furrowing his brow and looking upset.

If he wore contacts, would he be a whole new Schuman? The blogosphere may never know.
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