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Coddington to Fallon: 'We Met With a Sandwich in Your Mouth'

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Grace Coddington met up with Jimmy Fallon on his show to peddle her by now well-known memoir, and recalled the first time the two met, "With a sandwich in [Jimmy's] mouth." We're sure the pastrami was quite fetching, but Grace pointed out that we need not worry because "there was a beautiful model in the picture as well." (After all, it is Vogue, you mongrels.)

Later, she made her passion for Luddite-hood very clear:

GC: I hate technology.

JF: You hate technology.


JF: Do you have a cell phone though? You must. [...] Well, how else would we summon you? Like the bat signal? Send out the Coddington signal! We need Grace to be here now!

We imagine that would be André Leon Talley launching a bedazzled UGG in her general direction.

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