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Francesca Eastwood Goes from Birkin Burner to Makeup Model

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Too Faced, the SoCal-based beauty brand known for their sumptuous lipsticks, has signed their first-ever celebrity spokesmodel: reality star and Miss Golden Globe Francesca Eastwood. The company's co-founder, Jerrod Blandino, said he was dying to work with her after seeing the infamous video of her burning her Birkin bag, but he didn't know who she was or that she had a reality show.

The campaign hasn't been shot yet, but we have some speculative thoughts about what it might look like. Too Faced's new line is called Boudoir Beauty (heart-shaped blushes, anyone?), so we're guessing there might be some marabou and lingerie involved. And since it was the video shot by Eastwood's boyfriend Tyler Shields that got her the job, could that mean he'll be snapping the campaign photos, too?
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