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Battling Burches Announce Ceasefire in Time for 2013

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Tory Burch via Getty

The Burch on Burch lawsuit has finally come to close, and while details of the settlement remain under wraps, WWD reports that Tory Burch's former husband and business partner Chris Burch is still a shareholder in the company.

Here's a quick and dirty recap of the case that had Burch followers salivating and confused everyone else with impenetrable legalese over the past year: Chris sued Tory because he wanted to sell his stake in the company and she was supposedly making it difficult for him. Tory alleged that Chris's brand C. Wonder was a lot like her eponymous brand Tory Burch, which they started together, and if he cashed out, his could become too competitive with hers. A gem of a judge presided over the case "drunken WASP-fest" and both DVF and Anna Wintour shelled out pro-Tory support.

And now it's over, per the aptly-timed settlement announcement on New Year's Eve. Good riddance to that case and here's to a less contentious 2013 for both parties.
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