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Beyoncé's Inauguration Nails Are Orange, For the Record

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Image via Getty
Image via Getty

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The record states that Beyoncé's inauguration nails are orange, or rather according to her manicurist Lisa Logan, "When Beyonce walked in, she just plainly said, 'I want orange.' So orange it was!" But they look a little more red-orange to us, which (a) looked amazing with those emerald earrings during her rendition of the National Anthem and (b) are more on-theme anyway. Regardless of the shade, Bey apparently missed our patriotic nails suggestions. But of course, we forgive her.

Update: Our Spidey-nail-care-sense was correct. According to Lisa Lohan's Twitter, I'm With the Band by NCLA was the official color choice Bey decided on.
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