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Lululemon Is Having a Massive Sale Despite 'No-Sale' Policy

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Image via <a href="">Lululemon</a>
Image via Lululemon

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We reported last week that Lululemon's CEO has said "You'll either offer promotions or not, and we're in the "not" category." But they are in the Yogabowl Warehouse Sale at Nassau Coliseum category, which is an epic shopping event exclusive to those within range of Long Island from February 1 to February 3.

Obviously this sale is different than your regular old sales rack. There will be tailgating. There will be snacks. It's in a coliseum. The intent isn't to get bodies in the store, like promotions and sales attempt to do, so technically the company is getting rid of their surplus items without diluting the "no-sale" branding. But whether massive sale experiences like this one (or the similar ones in Chicago, Ottawa, and Vancouver of past years) count towards the 5% of discounted items the chain sells (compared to the 95% of full-priced items) is unclear. And also, if you can't make it to Long Island during the Super Bowl there's always the "We Made Too Much" section on the website.
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