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A Brief History of Sasha Obama Yawning

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Swearing In ceremony, Inauguration 2013
Swearing In ceremony, Inauguration 2013

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Eleven-year-old Sasha Obama holds her own in her First Daughter department, but there have been a few minor lapses in protocol during the last four years. TV cameras caught the youngest Obama in a giant yawn at one point during yesterday's Inauguration ceremony, reminding us all that it's not easy being under the scrutiny of the camera all the time, even for the most adorable Obama of them all. Here, a brief history of the youngest Obama yawning or looking otherwise bored/distracted by all this silly stuff. Because occasionally, a kid just has to be a kid.

With mom, at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. She was only seven at the time, and totally entitled to a nap at this point in the evening.

And at the 2009 Inauguration ceremonies, after a long, very cold day. Malia, on the other hand, is looking pretty hard core with that camera.

Here's to four more years of Sasha adorableness.

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