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WASP or Not, Tory Burch is in the Billionaire's Club

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Tory Burch via Getty

Bloomberg announced yesterday that Tory Burch came out of the lawsuit with her ex-husband Chris Burch a billionaire, which officially renders Judge Striner's query, "Are they WASPs? Do we know?" irrelevant. A sad day in Burch-dom indeed.

Not for Tory, however. A research firm pegs her eponymous company's worth at $3.3 billion thanks to the sale of about half of Chris Burch's shares. Since Chris retains a 15% stake in the company, as two anonymous insiders told Bloomberg, his similar-to-Tory's-but-down-market brand C. Wonder can't compete too much with Tory Burch. (Which, apparently, is not such a good idea.)
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