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New Tiffany Site Allows You to Virtually Try On Your Dream Ring

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Image via Tiffany
Image via Tiffany

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Tiffany has taken the white grosgrain ribbon off its new, Tiffany Blue website. Features added include a tool that allows you to virtually try on big diamond engagement rings by changing the skin tone of the Tiffany hand model from "light" to "medium," "olive," or "dark" (pictured). Interested parties are also directed to download Tiffany's newish app, which allows for full-on ring porn immersion—you can shop and share your picks with friends or whoever you'd like to nudge into an engagement.

The revamp also includes improvements like more zoom-ability, more shots of the jewels, a better search tool and more content—all to better justify why you're dropping so much cash-ola per purchase.
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