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This Is the Best Mockery of That Bad Lucky Cover Yet

Image via Eva Chen/<a href="">Instagram</a>.
Image via Eva Chen/Instagram.

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Online fashion commenters just had fudge sundae with whipped cream on top delivered to them in the form of December's Lucky Magazine cover. Pictured above, it features an almost unrecognizable Kerry Washington smizing(?) in a cobwebby dress and a random scarf. The Cut noted that Washington looked like she was, "lunging forward to bite you, and not in a sexy way;" due to public outcry, new Lucky EIC Eva Chen was forced to comment on the cover to WWD. "Anna always provides me with guidance, she said. "As editor in chief, it comes down to my decision — and Anna agreed." Meanwhile, the stylist behind this look—the legendary Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele—popped up in the New York Times this morning to say, "I am a legend."

Anyway, the internet is having a field day with this image and no one is having a better time than bloggers The Fug Girls.

To the Fug-ification:

I am sure the plan was, "Let's put Kerry Washington on the cover because America is obsessed with her right now," and not, "Let's put Kerry Washington on the cover and make her look like she's suffering through menstrual cramps and an extreme cobweb attack while someone blows a wind cannon at her that's making it impossible for her to open her eyes." Like, I am fairly sure that even on the set, while making this pose, Kerry Washington looked more like Kerry Washington than she does right here on the cover. That right there is crazyface.
Their entire take (it's lengthy) is right here.
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