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Michelle Obama Demonstrates the Evolution of the Mom Dance

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One of the more amazing dances in the video after the jump
One of the more amazing dances in the video after the jump

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There are a couple reasons why Michelle Obama's appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this weekend only served to prove that she is, in fact, a "cool mom." First, she and Fallon donned their sweater sets to demonstrate the "Evolution of the Mom Dance," and Michelle had way too much rhythm. Her hip bumps were jarringly on time to the beat, her awkward side steps weren't that awkward, and her "happy snapping" is sure to take night clubs by storm this spring because they were that awesome. Second, her styling was almost an edgy take on the sweater set. She paired a neon green checked cardigan with a blue sweater with smaller checks underneath and pink flats. Totally appropriate mom fare with an updated twist, so Malia and Sasha have no reason for embarrasment. Third, she dougies. And it's amazing. Enjoy after the jump.

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