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The Top 10 Words Used To Describe Alexander Wang: A Graph

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Alexander Wang's first collection for the house of Balenciaga will debut to a select group of editors and buyers in Paris tomorrow. Naturally, fashion critics have worked themselves into a state of frothy anticipation about it all, and the event has become hands down the most buzz-worthy show of this season's Paris Fashion Week.

So to ease the pain of waiting for photos and reviews to come out, we here at Racked have put together a sort-of-scientific analysis of the top 10 adjectives reviewers use to describe Wang and his aesthetic. Based on a survey of 25 articles published about Wang by respected outlets—including Vogue, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, among others—this is what we found:

The Top 10 Words Used to Describe Alexander Wang:
Youthful (8)
Downtown (5)
Street-wise (5)
Wunderkind (4)
Savvy (3)
Creative (3)
Grungy (2)
Edgy (2)
Energetic (2)
Slouchy (2)

Get ready for more where that came from following tomorrow's presentation.
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