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Jourdan Dunn Made Cara Delevingne Into a 'Proper Wifey'

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For the second season of the webseries "Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn," she has guest, and that guest is Cara Delevingne. Fun facts that you'll learn during the cooking video include how the models-cum-BFFs met on a shoot in Brighton (Spoiler: Cara was sitting alone rapping), Cara doesn't like vegetables or cooking and will never be a "proper wifey" (until the end of the video), and Jourdan loves the word "squirt." Also, how to make shrimp tempura. But as usual, the main reason to watch these two is to see models in their semi-natural environment (i.e. wearing a onesie) being goofy together. Enjoy after the jump.

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