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If Apple Has the iPhone, Uniqlo Has 'Lifewear'

Image via BoF
Image via BoF

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Lest you forget, Uniqlo doesn't see itself as a fashion company (and especially not a fast fashion company), but a tech-fashion hybrid. We've heard it before, certainly, but now their new category has a name: Lifewear. Naoki Takizawa, Uniqlo's design director explained to BoF, "Lifewear is the theme of our collection. But it's meant to be continued every season. Like iPhone 4, iPhone 5. It's the idea of continuation, but with updates: new elements, new fabrics." But what does that look like? Pantyhose, apparently.

Takizawa continued, "I'll tell you a story. When I had my first interview with Mr Yanai, he said to me: 'What is the most important innovation in the history of fashion? It's pantyhose.' When pantyhose was created, lifestyles changed. Fashion is always changing, but an innovation like pantyhose creates major change. It means everyone can show legs and wear a skirt in the wintertime, even if it's zero degrees. Maybe Uniqlo products should have the same value as pantyhose, but for the future."

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