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The Biggest Shoe Nike Ever Made Was For an Elephant

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This week, we here at Racked are celebrating all things shoe related. From the world's wackiest heels to the sneakers of our dreams, we'll be exploring the highs and lows of footwear. Welcome to Shoe Week 2013.

Image via Twitter/Heidi Burgett
What do you do if you have uneven legs and you're an elephant? Commission Nike to engineer a special shoe complete with laces and a lift. Nike PR's Heidi Burgett tweeted the above picture on April 4, and captioned it with, "Biggest shoe Nike ever made was for an elephant that had 1 leg shorter than the others." Perhaps he or she was the inspirations for the company's elephant print? Possible. Bonus fun fact: The pink fabric used to be elephant-sized swooshes.
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