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Meet the JCPenney Tea Pot That Looks Just Like Hitler

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The tea pot in question, via <a href="">Mashable</a>.
The tea pot in question, via Mashable.

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A JCPenney billboard on highway near Culver City, California, has spawned a Reddit debate over just how much this Michael Graves tea kettle resembles Adolf Hitler.

A user named Wrestles4Food posted this photo, along with the caption: "This Kettle looks like Hitler!" If you squint, you can kind of see it. (Wrestles4Food kindly posted a blurry version of the photo to help with that effect.) Ninety-two comments later, JCPenney has a bonafide internet sensation on its hands.

Comments include:

"Even without the blur I first thought it was some comic-book version of Hitler"


Wow it even looks like it's beginning a nazi salute. Weird.


"It looks like a Chris Onstad (Achewood) version of Hitler."

As Mashable points out, the conversation has now left the creepy world of Reddit nerdery and spilled over into Twitter:

All that's left at this point is the inevitable "16 Tea Pots That Look Like Hitler" BuzzFeed post.
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