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H&M Names Isabel Marant For Next Designer Collaboration

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Isabel Marant via

A little Swedish brand you might have heard of, H&M, has announced its latest big name designer collaboration, and it's French designer Isabel Marant. That's one way to compete with Target's Phillip Lim collab, also slated for this fall.

A cult figure in the fashion world for years, Marant became a household's shoe closet name when she created the sneaker wedge seasons ago. Will her collection include some iteration of the most conspicuously copied footwear in the last year? We're guessing definitely, maybe.

Marant via Twitter/@HM
Speaking to the clothes, she said, "I am creating something real, that women want to wear in their everyday lives, with a certain carelessness, which I think is very Parisian: you dress up, but do not pay too much attention and still look sexy." That goes for men too. This collection marks Marant's first foray into menswear. Look for the collection in 250 stores worldwide and online this fall on November 14, and learn more about it below.

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