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Vogue Grudgingly Embraces the Word 'Mandal'

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Mandals. Via Vogue.

"This must rank as a first for the inclusion of the word mandal in a review." That's how Mark Holgate opens his review of Marc Jacobs' resort '14 collection, which, in his words, features "mandals galore." Here's more:
"Actually, fascinating fact: Even further back in the day, circa 1978, when I was a kid in the U.K., and maybe here too, they were the kind of footwear nicknamed—not to offend anyone's religious sensibilites here, you understand—Jesus sandals. I am not sure, though, that Christ was ever hanging around Jerusalem with his disciples in a what would be worn, eons later, by my grade-school teacher."

Don't get him wrong, though... He liked them! He calls the the chunky, mannish slide sandals "lovely" and says they create a "wonderful contrast" with the rest of the collection, proving, once again, that Marc Jabobs does what he wants.
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