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10 Chic Ankle-Strap Shoes for an Extra Dose of Summer Polish

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Warmer weather brings with it the challenge of how to look pulled together without passing out. One of our easiest tricks to attain that elusive effortless summer outfit is to keep the clothing simple while you let your feet to do the talking.

Don't fear, this doesn't automatically mean you should throw on your highest heels. Right now, we're reaching for shoes with strappy ankle details that come in a variety of styles for a variety of moods, from flat gladiator sandals for those it's-too-hot-to-do-anything-except-linger- over-mimosas-at-brunch Saturdays to sleek, pointy-toed options for the office. The ankle-hugging straps add just the right amount of polish to elevate your look out of sandal territory, while still staying firmly grounded in the spirit of summer. Enjoy ten of our favorites in the gallery above.—Cleo Zancope
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