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H&M Update: E-Commerce Really, Truly Happening This Time

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H&M has been teasing us with promises of a US e-commerce site for literally years now. But delay has followed upon delay, and, alas, $5 teal miniskirts remain out of reach.

Following a story earlier this week about the latest disappointing setback, Glam Media tweeted at H&M to beg for an update, and, lo and behold, they actually got one: "Online shopping will be available @hmusa in August, stay tuned for further details!" the brand responded.

If true (and we take nothing for granted here), that means a website will be in place before the brand's upcoming collab with Isabel Marant, which is scheduled to land on November 14, and right in time for the big H&M Home Collection launch, which is scheduled to happen this summer in time for the back-to-school rush.

Six words for you, H&M: Quit playing games with our heart.
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