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The Bandage Dress Was the Power Dress of the ESPYs

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Kerri Walsh via Getty
Kerri Walsh via Getty

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At yesterday's ESPYs, John Hamm brought the jokes, and the red carpet brought the bandage dresses. No one was left out; Celebrities, models, and athletes alike rocked the look.

A couple theories as to why awards for physical prowess, teamwork, and being clutch under pressure makes the ladies want to leave little to the imagination include:
(a) Their body is of above average sicktitude and, in many cases, it's at its personal sickest. They did all the squats. There are no squats left because they did all of them.
(b) Couture hates muscles.
(c) Bandage dresses are the red carpet power dress.

After the jump find the shortest, the tightest, the topless-est, and the sparkliest.

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