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Watch Cara Delevingne Heart New York for DKNY Fall 2013

Still from video below
Still from video below

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Cara Delevingne is back fronting DKNY for fall 2013. As you might expect, the combo of Cara and the younger, less-refined brand to Donna Karan New York allows for a bubbly-yet-urban-friendly campaign film.

The inspiration for the video below was "capturing personality and soul" and "Cara loves NYC." At one kind of shocking point (for the brand, not for Cara), she loves NYC so much that she does what no city-dweller would ever dream to do: Licks her hand. Then she climbs on taxis, buys a pretzel, and looks generally stunning paling around the city with artist Curtis Kulig and fellow model Ollie Edwards. The inspiration is a play off the Kulig's ubiquitous "Love Me" tag seen around the world and in former campaigns like Bobbie Brown, Smashbox, Nike, and more. Check out the video below.

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