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The Crocs Upscale Fashion Line Is the 'Alter Ego of Crocs'

Image via WWD
Image via WWD

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While the light, spongey plastic of Crocs has certain practical applications, they rarely (also known as never) find themselves in the same sentence as "upscale fashion." No longer. Crocs has created an "upscale fashion" line.

The line's branding agency, Soldier, pegs its target audience as "women that love modern art expression and the fashion that comes from it" and "women who crave cultural events and are consistently mobile." Or in the footwear company's VP of communications words, "It's the alter-ego of Crocs." So think this man, but the opposite.

The shoes will still be made of the signature TPU-made uppers and Croslite footbeds, and they'll retail for $80 to $120. In probably a smart branding move, the new collection will not be sold in Crocs stores or on its website because that's not where high fashion arty gals find themselves on a regular basis. They will be on Zappos as well as various boutique shoe stores.

As for what they look like, it's not all bad. The gladiator flats would fit nicely into the wardrobe of anyone who hopped on the jellies trend this summer. The pumps are questionable and mules are as ugly as you'd expect. But to be fair, it's tough to make mules attractive. Even when you're a respected designer. Exhibit A.
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