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Whitney Port Returns to Reality TV, Mag World With Web Show

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Glamour has just launched an ambitious new series for the web. Named, dramatically, Dress to Kill, each short episode pits two stylists against each other in a themed challenge (what to wear to a baseball game, a corporate interview, etc). The winner, out of six hopefuls, will be gifted an opportunity to style a spread in-book. The show is hosted by reality TV vet Whitney Port, who here plays the role of Tim Gunn—that is, sans catchphrases and with really great hair.

Each contestant is given ten minutes to style their look, and then must debut it in front of a poker-face panel of Glamour judges, which for the first two episodes consists of Brooke Danielson (associate accessories editor) and Christina Pérez (style development editor). The first episode, featuring the ballfield challenge, is above; additional shows will debut here.
· Dress to Kill [Glamour]