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American Apparel's Latest Model Sports Peyos, Shtreimel

Image via <a href="">American Apparel's Tumblr</a>
Image via American Apparel's Tumblr

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Yoel Weisshaus, a Brooklyn-born Hasidic Jew, is one of American Apparel's newest faces. American Apparel describes him as a "peasant with chutzpah," something that Weisshaus didn't dispute in a chat with the Jewish Telegraph. "I am a peasant because we are all peasants, here in Amerikeh. Here, we work harder than we live!" he said. The campaign, which features the Bergen Community College-student posing in black slacks and a white button down, just went up this week.

So, is this exploitative stunt casting for Rosh Hashanah? The Gloss calls the move "provocative," though it's certainly a much different flavor of provocative than American Apparel is usually peddling. Weisshaus, for one, seems pretty happy with his model turn and has a habit of seeking the spotlight. Read more about the man and his causes here.
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