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The Owner of Instagram's Most-Famed Butt Speaks

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Jen Selter possesses Instagram's most famous rear-end. The soft-spoken New Yorker has risen to digital infamy thanks to her stream of endless yoga-pants-clad #belfies which show the brunette squatting, lunging, and "Seltering"—a sort of warrior three type-pose with one leg raised high.

Today, Barcroft TV published a rare video interview with Selter where she discusses her newly-found celebrity status and her star follower, Rihanna. "When I first started posting photos," she said, "I never thought my butt would be this sensation or the most-known butt on Instagram these days...Right now, I'm just enjoying what's going on. [I've got] so many plans for the future." Those plans, reportedly, include her own line of workout clothes.
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