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Prince Wills Invokes Most Hated Practice of 2013 on Christmas

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Selfie: It was the best of words, it was the worst of words. But on Christmas Day, it was the cutest of words because Prince William partook in the practice at the request of 12-year-old Madison Lambe.

As she tells it, Lambe was lined up with other kids by the church wall in Sandringham, where they deliver flowers for the queen per tradition, and "He just said to me 'you can't beat a good selfie on Christmas Day' and took the picture. It was really good, I didn't expect it." Apparently she was too nervous to take it herself, so he pulled the trigger. D'aww. The ball is in your court, Kate.
· Prince William Poses With Tween for Rare Royal Selfie [Vanity Fair]