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Fox Rejected ScarJo's SodaStream Super Bowl Commercial

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SodaStream, the home soda-making kit loved by Scarlett Johansson, just had its Super Bowl commercial rejected for a second time in a row. The 30 second spot ends with ScarJo saying, "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi," whereas last year's involved exploding cans of branded soda. Fox has demanded that SodaStream cut the line and Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream, told USA Today that he'll comply because he can't get his money back.

Of last year's banning, Mr. Birnbaum told AdAge, "We never intended to be banned, but the end result was we got about 5 million views on YouTube, which we didn't pay for." He insists that this year's call out was not intended to replicate those results but that he hoped Fox would be a "little more courageous" than CBS.

The company recently invited Racked and several other members of fashion media to an event revealing Scarlett as the spokesperson, and you can see her "very glammy and super sexy...Old Hollywood glamour look," complete with the shade thrown at Coke and Pepsi, below.

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