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10 Best Fitness Apps for the Lazy to Hardcore Exerciser

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Can you agree with any of the following statements? · I prioritize spending money on healthy food over a gym membership.

· I prioritize not spending money over spending money.

· I'm obsessed with making lists and tracking progress.

· Games are cool, I guess.

· I'm a beginner at the exercise.

· I'm a pro at the exercise.

· I'm looking for a new activity to compliment my current workout.

· I need more ideas for challenging myself.

· My attention span at the gym is akin to my seven-year-old nephew at an ice cream party.

· Working out while watching TV in my living room seems like an activity I could get behind.

· Treadmills are hard.
Great! You're the perfect candidate for trying at least one of the 10 fitness apps below.

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