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Kim Kardashian Deploys Open Scheme to 'Break the Internet' With Her Butt [NSFW]

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Photo by Jean-Paul Goude for Paper
Grab the popcorn and get thee to your favorite social media venting platform because Kim Kardashian is covering Paper Magazine with her entire backside bared (it's been done before, but with body paint). Are you APPALLED? Are you CELEBRATING HER INSANE BODY? Do you care nothing for the Kardashians, especially this particular one, and wish—oh how you wish!—the media would just stop giving them attention? Do you think it's deliciously, perfectly evil that Paper Mag is OPENLY TROLLING and BAITING? Are you wondering if that's MOROCCAN OIL or COCONUT?

Here's the safe(er) for work version, Jean-Paul Goude's re-imagining of his original "Champagne Incident":

Kim herself foresees the hellfire that she hath wrought: