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Beware: It's #ThirstTrapThursday

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It's Thursday and, thanks to alliteration and Instagram, you are in danger of falling into a #ThirstTrap, or—as it's known on this day of the week—#ThirstTrapThursday. A thirst trap is a sexy photo posted intentionally to grab your attention and then shame you for it by outing your thirst.

It appears that the first Urban Dictionary entry for thirst trap dates back to October 2011, defined plainly as, "Any statement or picture used to intentionally create attention or 'thirst.'" Without much coverage, people have been falling into thirst traps for years—and it could easily happen to you, especially on Thursday.

Real world example: You're deep in an Instagram hole that started with a check-in on 2 Chainz's latest social media antics, when you're confronted with this profile:

Which picture do you click to expand?

Obviously this one:

And there it is. You, this reality star's underwear, #ThirstTrapThursday, and some degree of shame/frustration/confusion.