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J. Crew Fall 2014: Still Sparkly, Colorful and Texturized

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J.Crew presented its fall 2014 collection this morning and while it might be hard to remember whether we're going for the old J.Crew or the new J.Crew, or which is which at this point, you recognize a J.Crew collection when you see it. According to Tom Mora, head of J. Crew women's design, the look this season was inspired by Berlin in the '20s and more specifically, Otto Dix's portrait of German journalist and poet Sylvia von Harden. Her "new woman" look involved bobbed hair and a monocle.

That translated to tons of color, hemlines hit below the knee, denim cropped at the ankle but boot cut and a prevalence of dropped waists. Nary a monocle was spotted. Take a look at some of the best images from the presentation so far.

Update 11:45am Tuesday, February 11: We've posted a roundup of the images from the presentation, including men's and women's, in addition to the initial images shared on social media. Enjoy!

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