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JCPenney Debuts Awkward New Tag Line During the Olympics

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JCPenney has picked a new slogan, one that it hopes will resonate with shoppers. It is: "When it fits, you feel it."

This comes on the heels of other lackluster slogans such as "It's All Inside," "Every Day Matters," "New look. New day. Who knew!" and "We make it affordable. You make it yours." (That last one's not so bad, right?) According to AdAge, the tag line has appeared in two ads thus far—a spot for Valentine's Day and a commercial that aired during the Sochi Opening Ceremonies.

In the Olympics ad, JCPenney says, "You know it when it lets you rise to greet the world. A fit that lets you stand out a little brighter, move a little faster, part crowds a little easier. When it feels so right you wear it again and again and again, like a charm that always knows exactly how to win." Say what? Watch the ad after the jump.

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